Frequently Asked Questions.


Welcome to InsureBC

What policies can I purchase online?

Currently, you can purchase RentersSingle Trip, Multi Trip, Visitors-to-CanadaHome-based business, Contractor, Sports Equipment, and Pet Insurance 100% online yourself. For HomeBusinessAuto and Life insurance, we will provide you a detailed quote free of charge. To do so, however, we require a bit more information from you. Once you are satisfied with the quote we provide, we will finalize everything for you and send you a copy of your policy electronically.

I don't live in British Columbia, can I still buy an insurance policy on your site?

The insurance industry in Canada is regulated by Province. At this time, we only provide insurance solutions to residents of B.C. We are however working hard to get licensed in other Province across the country so that our online insurance brokerage can be accessible to all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories.

How can I see my policy and make any changes?

You will see a summary of your coverage before you pay. Once you have confirmed everything, your policy will be sent to you via email. You can make changes anytime by emailing or calling us and we will gladly assist.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time. We will be able to issue you a refund for the remaining period left on your policy, with the insurance company charging a small administration/processing fee. When you want to do so, simply contact us by email or phone and we will do the rest for you.

What payment methods do you accept?

We have made purchasing insurance from us as convenient as possible and accept several different payment methods, including all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). We also accept payment via cheque or email transfer. If you want to purchase your policy entirely on your own online, you can use any of the major credit cards to do so.

Is there any way that I can submit a claim online?

Yikes – a claim! Yes, we can assist you with the claims process via email, phone and our chat (during business hours). Save our phone number and email address on your phone so you can get in touch with us as soon as you need to report a claim. We will stay involved in the process to ensure you receive the claims service you are entitled to.

Who should I contact to report a claim?

As your insurance broker, we would like to help you. That’s what we’re here for so please report your claim to us and we will immediately notify your insurance company. You can contact us via email, phone or chat and we will take action and go to work for you.

What documents do I need when I submit my claim?

Before we can get to work for you, we’ll need your policy number. Don’t have it close-by? No problem. Your phone number and last time should be enough to get the ball rolling.

We’ll be asking you for all the details pertaining to your claim so please have as much of the details ready and available.

We will keep you posted on the progress of your claim.

How can I track my claim?

We are here to follow the progress of your claim. We are working on a self-serve tool but in until that’s ready, simply contact us by email or phone, and we’ll provide you with the latest status of your claim accordingly.


Everything you need to know about our Bicycle Cover

What is covered in Bicycle Insurance?

Our bicycle insurance (i.e. Sports Equipment insurance) protects your bicycle(s) and accessories. Find the details of our cover below.


When someone takes your bicycle and/or accessories. Please make sure you have it locked in a secure place with a secure lock.

Accidental Loss

When your bicycle has accidentally been left in a location resulting in you being permanently deprived of its use.

Accidental Damage

Any sudden, unintended or unexpected damage to your bicycle(s) and/or accessories.

Traveling across North America

Your gear is covered in North America so go explore.

What bikes and gear can be covered (and what not)

What bikes we cover

Bikes between $100 and $25,000 can be covered with InsureBC.

Here are some types of bicycles we cover you for:

  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Hybrid/Comfort Bikes
  • Commuting Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes
  • BMX/Trick Bikes
  • Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes
  • Track/Fixed Gear Bikes
  • Tandem Bikes
  • Folding Bikes
  • Beach Cruiser Bikes
  • This product doesn’t cover any E-Bikes, Scooters or any bicycles operating with the assistance of an engine. 

Here are some of popular brands we insure:

  • Spherik
  • Cervelo
  • Argon 18
  • Specialized
  • Louis Garneau
  • Aquila Cycles
  • Squad Cycles
  • Naked
  • Bonavia Cycles
  • Norco
  • Cannondale
  • and many more

If you are in doubt, get in touch with us and ask.

You can add accessories to your cover

In addition to bicycles, you can add up to $25,000 in accessories. At the moment you can cover the following accessories with us:

  • Helmet
  • Protective Gear – knee/elbow pads, goggles etc.
  • Related Apparel – jackets, pants, wetsuit

What types of races is my bicycle covered during?

Your bicycle will be covered whilst you’re out training, but not during any races in which you are competing.

We would consider you to be competing during any race in which you earn an appearance fee for participating or are paid a salary to participate and / or any races that are timed.

How does my policy renew?

This policy is yearly. You are tied in with the insurer for a year.

At InsureBC, we want to make it simple and easy for our clients, by providing them an easy renewal process as well.

Every year we’ll send you an email about this online renewal process and you’ll only have to enter your policy number and the credit card information.